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Drug & Poison Information Unit

Based on the Ministry's strategic plan (2017-2021), to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare services with effective health information system to UAE society on par with international standards that protects UAE citizens and residents, The Pharmacy Department under Hospitals Sector at MOHAP Head Office has launched the Drug and Poison Information Unit (DPIU)

DPIU aims to serve the community by providing relevant and up-to-date pharmaceutical care information based on scientific evidence to MOHAP health care providers to make necessary decisions to increase patient safety and resource efficiency.  Drug Information Services will be provided by qualified pharmacists for the appropriate choice of medication treatment plan, drug safety and toxicology. The unit also provides patient education and awareness about health, diseases prevention, accidental poisoning and counseling their current medications.

Objectives of the Drug Information & Poising Unit:

  • Respond to drug inquiries directed by MOHAP health care professionals, patients and decision-makers.
  • Providing current drug information services based on scientific evidence to our health care providers.
  • Provide comprehensive and immediate information to deal with all cases of poisoning.
  • Establishment of a database for medicines.
  • Prepare and review health-care provider-specific magazines, newsletters etc.
  • Participation in educational and awareness programs.
  • To identify the toxins in the community and apply the international standards necessary to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Raise the level of health care and quality of life for patients by ensuring the rational use of their medications.
  • Training pharmacists and health care professionals to provide drugs and toxins information services.

How to contact us:

The unit provides answering services for medical staff and patients during the working hours from Sunday - Thursday (8:00 am – 2:00 pm) excluding public holidays through the following means of communication:

Toll Free Number: 80011111​​

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