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Projects and Initiatives

Most prominent initiatives and projects

Salamat initiative

The initiative aims to raise the awareness of MOHAP employees about the early detection of hypertension disorders and highlight the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The first such initiative to improve workplace environments and contribute to promoting the health life quality of the employees. For more information, click here​​​

Keep on Beating Campaign

The campaign aims to make positive lifestyle changes and to early detect cardiovascular disease-related risk factors including; smoking, malnutrition, inactivity and stress. For more information click here​​​

Heart Experts Programme

The program is under the operational plan initiatives aims to achieve the National Indicators for the reduction of mortality due to cardiovascular disease, by selecting groups of students to serve as awareness ambassadors for cardiovascular health in their schools, neighborhood and the local community to disseminate and promote concepts and practices supporting cardiovascular health. For more information, click here​​​

MA’KOM Initiative

MA’KOM Initiative aimed at encouraging the Emirati society to exercise physical activities by adopting a simple healthy life style. For more information, click here​​​​​​

Student Growth Record Initiative

Student Growth Record in its first phase will support the national program to combat obesity in children and adolescents. It will highlight cases of obesity annually among school children between the ages of five and 17 and provide information on the dietary habits and level of physical activity of every child. For more information, click here​​​​

Healthy and Positive Work Environment initiative

Within the National Happiness and Positivity programme, 2018, the initiative aims to provide public employees with the right information and skills to help establish healthy habits and change their perceptions, while building a work environment that is supportive of a healthy lifestyle. For more information, click here​​​​

Ownak Initiative

In line with the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s (MOHAP) efforts to provide quality health services to ensure the welfare of the elderly; to promote their integration into the society; and to gain insights from their experiences, the Ministry’s Hospital Sector has launched the Ownak Initiative. The initiative aims to develop preventive, curative and promotional services for the elderly across the Ministry’s facilities. This is aimed at facilitating and expediting the delivery of health services to older individuals in all facilities of the Ministry, thereby ensuring their access to integrated health care. For more information, click here​​​​​​​​

Help Me Hear Initiative

The Help Me Hear initiative aims to assist non-citizens and low-income hearing-impaired children by carrying out cochlear planting operations in line with the framework of the Ministry's initiatives in celebration of the ‘Year of Zayed 2018. For more information, click here​​​​​​


The National Periodic Health and Cancer Screening initiatives to focus on reducing the prevalence of other non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease (CVD) and osteoporosis, in the UAE. For more information, click here​​​​​​​

Mobile Healthcare Initiative Enaya

It aims to provide primary and secondary healthcare services to elderly citizens and residents in remote areas either through Home Health Care service or specialized Mobile Health Clinics. Nearly, 3,000 people have benefitted from this campaign since its launch 3 years ago.

Smart Patient Portal

It is an online portal where a user can access his/her medical records; view laboratory tests, radiology reports, and other related documents; check schedule for medicines and vaccinations; verify health problems and allergies; and book, cancel or change upcoming appointments. This service is accessible through apps on any smart device, including phones, tablets and desktops. For more information, click here​​​​​​​

National Initiative to Boost Attractiveness of Nursing Profession

The initiative, in coordination with partners from educational authorities, healthcare agencies, and media organizations, aims to attract qualified Emirati nursing staff. It is working on three axes of stimulation, media awareness, and rehabilitation and education, to make the nursing profession more attractive to work in terms of career advancement and boosting performance. The initiative includes Academic Advising Program to entice high school students towards nursing by making them aware of academic programs, features and incentives of the profession, and offering scholarships for undergraduate. For more information, click here​​​​​​​​

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