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Blood Donation
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Blood Donation

What is blood donation centers?
Blood donation centers are specialized centers in dealing with the public to collect blood, testing it in their laboratories and storing it to be issued according to the international standards

MOHAP Blood Donor Centres

1 Sharjah Blood Transfusion & Research centre Sharjah
From Sunday to Thursday
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
3 Dibba Hospital Blood Bank Dibba
From Sunday to Thursday
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
09-2061592 -
5 Al Kuwait Hospital Blood Bank Dubai
From Sunday to Thursday
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
04-7078604 -
7 Kalba Hospital Kalba
From Sunday to Thursday
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
9 Umm Al Qewain Hospital UAQ
From Sunday to Thursday
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
06-7656888 -

Benefits of donating blood
Blood donation activates the bone marrow cells in the donor (the place where blood cells are produced) which increases their effectiveness to produce new blood cells. It has been proved that each time you donate blood, you get rid of the excess iron in the body which if high can increase the risk of heart diseases. High levels of iron also cause the oxidation of cholesterol leading to damage of small blood vessels.

Your blood donation on regular bases decreases the possibility of you having heart attacks and brain strokes.

Requirements to donate blood include:
 - A valid UAE ID card should be brought by the donor
 - The donor should be in good health and does not have any history of communicable diseases
 - The age of the donor should be between 18-65 years
 - The weight of the donor should not be less than 50 kg
 - The hemoglobin level should not be less than 13gm in males and 12.5gm in females.
 - The pulse should be 50-100 per minute.

Who are not allowed to donate?
It is not advisable for a pregnant lady to donate blood and that is to ensure the safety of mother and the baby and It is not advisable for first degree relatives to donate for their patient and that is to avoid some complications that can happen to the patient due to stimulation of the immune system. It is preferable to donate blood for other patients (not 1st degree relative).

How many times can a person donate blood?
Most healthy people can donate blood every 56 days.. The success of safe blood donation depends on regular voluntary donations of healthy individuals.

​What should the blood donor do after donation?
The blood donor should be well on the day of donation.rested and slept well.It is also advised that the donor should drink a good amount of water to replace the volume of fluid that he has donated.The donor should also avoid sports and smoking for a few hours after blood donation.

What is blood donation & What are the types of donation?
- Blood donation is a humanitarian service in which the donor can save lives of people in danger due the need of blood.
- Blood donation is useful to both donor and recipient.

Types of blood donation include:
1- Autologous blood donation: In which the donor donates for himself from one to two weeks pre operation. The doctor will decide according to the donor condition and haemoglobin. This is the best for the patient to receive his own blood.
2- Allogenic blood donation: blood donation to other patients.
3- Directed blood donation: Donation to a specific patient in hospital.

Is Blood donation safe?
Blood donation doesn't expose the donor to any illness. The instruments used for the blood donation are sterilized and disposable after single use in donation.

Who benefits from the donated blood?
Blood donation can be the reason to save a life in surgery or treatment of anaemia and to stop bleeding post-partum period. Some components prepared from blood are used in treating cancers as well as other medical and surgical uses such ad bone marrow and organ transplantation.

What are the blood groups & what is the difference between them ?
There are four main groups A, B, O, and AB,They are differentiated according to the Rheus system positive and negative.​

How to become a Platelets donor?

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