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Healthcare Issues / 23 Jun 2021

MoHAP, EHS highlight Covid-19 UAE App updates at Arab Health 2021

MoHAP, EHS highlight Covid-19 UAE App updates at Arab Health 2021

The Covid-19 UAE app is under the spotlight at Arab Health 2021, the largest healthcare event of the MENA region, which takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, 21-24 June.

The App provides real-time Covid-19 statistics within the UAE and provides a full stack of services, such as booking vaccination appointments, home vaccine appointments for senior citizens, vaccine exemption requests, location of the nearest health centers of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and the Emirates Health Services (EHS), and helpline information.

It also offers a self-assessment tool which is a symptom-based survey to classify an individual as low, medium, and high-risk case and advises on the respective medical care which is required. High-risk individuals are directed to MoHAP and EHS medical specialists via video calls, who provide them expert medical advice. The Covid-19 UAE App comes in 3 languages, Arabic, English, and Urdu, and is available on Google Play and Apple stores.

Increasing vaccination rates 

HE Dr. Youssef Mohamed Al Serkal, Director-General of the Emirates Health Services, said the Covid-19 App contributes to enhancing the UAE's painstaking efforts to limit the spread and consequences of the pandemic. It also facilitates the procedures for administering the vaccine for the largest segment of society members, especially senior citizens, which enhances the objectives of the national vaccination campaign aimed at reaching the acquired immunity, reducing infected cases, and limiting the spread of the virus.

He noted that the ministry and the EHS are keen to foster the role of this app to achieve the integration of all health services, whether preventive, or diagnostic, or curative, or enhanced services via innovative national health projects. He pointed that the app underpins the national efforts being made to achieve groundbreaking results in the containment of the pandemic, thanks to the directives and management of the state's wise leadership.

Awareness platform

Mubaraka Ibrahim, Acting Executive Director of the Information Sector, Director of Health Information Systems Department, EHS, stated that the Covid-19 App is considered an official source of Covid-19 stats in the UAE and aims to raise public awareness about the virus and prevention methods. It also provides the latest news, facts, guidelines, and correct measures based on the recommendations and precautions set out by the WHO and the country's health authorities to counter the virus and curb its spread.    

The ministry and the EHS had previously launched the COVID-19 Information Center platform and the Virtual Doctor Platform to make sure that community members have easy to accurate stats and data about the virus.

App work mechanisms

Samir Khoury, IT Director, MoHAP said the Covid-19 App contributes to enhancing communication with all community members in a simple and effective digital way to provide reliable information and limit misleading rumors. 

He added: "Through the app, Individuals can book their vaccine appointments easily and seamlessly and get accurate information about how to protect themselves from infection and how to deal with infected or suspected cases."

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