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Healthcare Issues / 24 Jun 2021

MoHAP and EHS conclude participation at Arab Health 2021

MoHAP and EHS conclude participation at Arab Health 2021

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) and the Emirates Health Services (EHS) concluded their successful participation at the Arab Health 2021, which took place in Dubai from 21-24 June.

This year's Arab Health was a perfect opportunity for both entities to highlight their ongoing efforts to provide the components of a comprehensive healthcare system that meets community needs.

During their participation, the ministry and the EHS showcased a slew of innovative health services, the latest preventive and curative projects, and the integration of smart applications into health services, telemedicine, and digital health.   

The event was also a good opportunity for both the ministry and the EHS to forge global partnerships with the aim to develop the medical research sector according to the highest ethical practices and provide sustainable treatment solutions for chronic diseases and epidemics. This comes in line with the aspirations of the year of the fifty and the forward-looking vision of the country to lead the health field.

MoHAP and EHS showcased three groundbreaking research on concussions in young athletes in partnership with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), in addition to three mobile applications with the aim to give patients greater involvement in their own treatment journey, improve patient care through enhanced communication between professionals. The first app was Care4Today® that helps Inflammatory Bowel Disease [IBD] patients manage their symptoms, the second app is OnMyWay which is a customized app connecting the patient to the HCPs with content relating to depression and schizophrenia, while the third one is Care4TodayRecovery, a post-surgical digital solution that connects surgeons and patients in the critical ten-day post-surgery recovery period.  

15-minute blood test to evaluate mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) 

The showcase also included revealing innovative immunotherapy for cancer and viral infections based on stimulating immune cells to fight cancer cells using pluripotent stem cells.

Additionally, the ministry and the EHS revealed the first rapid blood test designed to evaluate mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) within 15 minutes, which allows injured persons to receive the required treatment at the fastest time. The world's first FDA-approved test provides test results with 95.8% sensitivity.

During their participation, MoHAP and EHS have launched the "We Care" app that aims to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the nursing cadres. The application provides an array of features such as educational resources, health tips, chatting, and many more digital technologies.

The "Reaya" app and platform was also under the spotlight at the Arab Health. Reaya is a new smart tracking solution that was developed in partnership with Du and aims to monitor COVID-19 patients across the UAE until full recovery.

The two entities have also launched the “Manara Platform”, a centralized platform for all the digital dashboards developed by the EHS. 

This platform aims to get the updated information easily for different specialties, analyze it, and make the right decision based on the Electronic Medical Record “Wareed" by translating organizational data into actionable insights.

The Covid-19 UAE was also highlighted at the event. The App provides a wide array of features, such as booking vaccination appointments, vaccination exemption issuance,  location of the nearest Covid-19 vaccine health centers, helpline information, and a self-assessment tool via remote consultations. 

International Telemedicine Service was also part of the showcase. The service aims to develop Visiting Consultants Program and help patients and doctors get remote 2nd opinion consultations in critical conditions.

Virtual Doctor and Shefaa Platforms 

The event was also an opportunity to throw light on the Virtual Doctor Platform which provides remote specialized care and medical consultations around the clock, with the aim to improve ways of communication with community members and raise awareness of best preventive health practices.

Furthermore, the latest updates of the digital patient platform "Shefaa", which features 3 mart services; medical reports, elderly home care, and appointment booking. Shefaa platform has an innovative and user-friendly interface consistent with the standards of user experience and the best quality standards of government services to streamline access to health services and follow-up of all information in the medical record. The platform is using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality, efficiency, data privacy, besides the possibility to link a patient's medical record with the Internet of Things (IoT).

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