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Emirates Health Services (EHS) main strategic goal is to improve the quality of healthcare services in UAE, in line with the best international standards and national strategic directions, ensuring sustainability of a future ready healthcare sector, and fostering a healthy society, where all its members enjoy a healthy life.

Acknowledging the importance of innovation and its fundamental role in advancing the health services system, EHS has launched its Innovation Strategy 2023-2026, which paves the way towards achieving the leadership’s vision and the institution's objectives by supporting a sustainable healthcare system able to contribute to achieving the National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031, the National Vision “We the UAE 2031, and the UAE Centennial Plan 2071.

Innovation in healthcare:

Emirates Health Services aims through its Innovation Strategy 2023-2026, to achieve sustainable healthcare innovations and a developed healthcare economy. The strategy focuses on nurturing a culture of innovation at all levels of the organization to sustain a continuous improvement approach; as well as building internal capabilities and promoting prototyping and piloting mechanisms, and applying innovations and scaling up its impact. to shape the future of the healthcare system.

Moreover, the strategy emphasizes expanding its network of partnerships to develop healthcare innovation and collaborative relationships with relevant stakeholders. It also aims to build a strong ecosystem which nurtures start-ups in the healthcare sector.

Innovation Strategy Themes

The Innovation Strategy 2023-2026

Innovation Ecosystem

Nurturing a culture of innovation at all levels of the organization, building internal capabilities and streamline the innovation practice.

Prototyping & Piloting

Promoting prototyping and piloting mechanism, rollout innovations and scale innovation impact.

Startup Acceleration & Partners

Building strong support for healthcare startups and develop initiatives in collaboration with partners and relevant stakeholders.


  • Preemptive Mindset: Nurturing a curious approach towards future trends and signals to better align the development of the organization to the changes of the market.
  • Opportunity Creation: Adopting a proactive approach towards innovation. Creating opportunities and not only reacting to changes but being part of the change.
  • Collaboration: Embracing a collective approach towards innovation by engaging internal and external stakeholders in the innovation value chain following the quadruple helix model.
  • Continuity & Transformation: Building a sustainable approach towards innovation by embedding change as part of the learning process of the organization.
  • Customers Driven Approach: Developing a patient-driven approach to innovation to ensure the adoption of design thinking principle and a value driven innovation.
  • Intrapreneurial Focus: Enhance corporate innovation by sponsoring innovators through intrapreneurial programs and startup integration processes.


  • Healthcare Economy: Advancing health-care services and Health programs, and maximizing healthcare innovation return on investments through the application of innovative solutions.
  • Sustainable Innovations: Investing in health & health systems to achieve national objectives for building economic resilience.

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