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Based on the UAE's vision 2021 aims to make UAE one of the most innovative countries in the world, as innovation is the foundation of life-quality and development, this comes in line with the National Agenda and the National Innovation Strategy, which focused on the health sector's vital role that will lead the innovation process in the future.

In line with the UAE wise leadership's faith that innovation is the capital of the future. UAE's vision 2021 emphasizes this approach in various fields and sectors, where the innovations, research, science and technology are the cornerstones of a competitive, high-productivity economy.

In this context, Emirates Health Services is committed to instilling the principles and concepts of innovation practices in accordance with the best international standards at all strategic, organizational and operational levels, to achieve the real and qualitative advancement of services provided to all segments of society.

In order to fulfil this, EHS is keen to develop a comprehensive and integrated system of innovation management and lay the foundations of the innovation engines such as the innovation strategy, governance, innovation makers and activation of the innovation through partnerships and establishment of a regulatory environment that supports the consolidation of innovation practices and measuring impact, development and continuous enhancement to ensure qualitative upgrading and sustainable improvement.

Innovation in Health Field

Innovation in the health sector has a great importance due to the importance of individual health and its impact on both social and economic development, this is illustrated by the pursuit of advanced societies to develop a health system based on the best international standards and enhance the quality of life.

In this context, innovation strategy 2019-2022 was launched , aims to make UAE a leading international destination for sustainable future in the smart healthcare, through the renovation of the entire healthcare services , development of research centres and establishment of local and international partnerships, so as to be well-prepared for facing future diseases, through technology integration into diagnostic and therapeutic methods by utilizing analytical data and enhance the readiness to prevent diseases and epidemics, in addition to exploring it proactively.​

Innovation Strategy Themes

The Innovation Strategy 2019-2022 includes 5 main pivots:

Cutting Edge Care

The first theme aims to create an innovative and efficient diagnostic service to obtain an accurate assessment of the community health. It also promotes specialized output-based care and developing existing models of health care delivery by using the updated technologies that are accepted by the partners concerned.

Research and Development

Develop a research governance framework aimed at sustaining excellence and global leadership in innovative healthcare research. Involve the concerned, establish partnerships and collaborate with federal government, health, academic, and private entities. That provide an effective strategic support for innovative health research initiatives with prioritization, support and follow-up.

Community of Wellness

A sustainable model of examination that can accurately assess the health situation in the community. It also promotes community awareness to adopt healthy lifestyles as well as boosts the mental health aimed at achieving a healthy and psychologically stable society.

Leading Processes and Services

It contributes to the development of the customer experience and enhances processes to improve its sustainability and accelerate its efficient delivery.


It consists of five main indices:

  • Human capital: Developing innovation and research capabilities for health providers.
  • Health Data: Create a platform for sharing information and facilitating access by relevant partners.
  • Finance: Use of resources in a systematic and sophisticated ways, developing methods to facilitate the financing ​of health innovations.
  • Technology: Taking advantage of advanced technology.
  • Partnerships: Creating partnerships to support innovation and research.

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