With the aim of enhancing the mental health of society members and expanding the scope of comprehensive and integrated mental health services to fulfill public needs, Al Qassimi Hospital intends to launch a virtual dialogue series that discusses topics with the audience, answers their inquiries, and supports them. In order to consult the audience about the most appropriate times and topics they prefer, this digital consultation has been published.


Through this consultation, Al Qassimi Hospital aims to receive the public's opinion on the best ways to activate this initiative, the channels they prefer, the appropriate times, and the topics they need to raise.


After collecting the audience's opinions and suggestions, the initiative will be activated through one of the customers' preferred social media channels, at their favorite time.

Outcome :

Results were sent to the hospital to study the opinions & plan the initiative.

Updates: Live streaming sessions will be launched on EHS Instagram to raise awareness of mental health topics as per the customers needs and suggestions, starting on January 2023.

Download outcome file


  • Open Date : 01/08/2022
  • Close Date: 10/09/2022

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