In response to the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, which was launched by the UAE government in October 2017 and aims to enhance government performance, accelerate achievement, create innovative work environments, and make the UAE the first government in the world to invest in artificial intelligence in all of its vital sectors, and provide 100% of first-line services to the public through artificial intelligence, and in line with its digital transformation aspirations in its services, EHS has adopted the use of robotic pharmacy for medicine delivery.

 Emirates Health Services (EHS) has launched four robotic pharmacies in an effort to expand the automation of pharmaceutical service delivery. The project was implemented in Al Qassimi Hospital; Al Qassimi Women's and Children's Hospital; Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital; and Abdullah Bin Omran Hospital for Obstetrics & Gynecology.

EHS also announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind self-dispensing system in the region linked to robots, which enables references through smart electronic applications to order and obtain medicines directly through smart self-exchange outlets, to facilitate and develop the customer's journey and gain the satisfaction and confidence of the beneficiaries of pharmaceutical services in Enterprise.

:Details and Goals

Testing the service *

Interested to how the service is perceived by customers *

Understand consumers' needs are desires and if they are changing *

Address any concern with the service *

Panel-discussion to gather feedback and satisfaction levels of the service *

Introduce enhancements ideas for discussion and feedback before releasing *

:Decisions expected as a result of this initiative

Enhancing robotic pharmacy service based on the opinions and suggestions of customers

Survey :


  • Open Date : 01/10/2023
  • Close Date: 31/10/2023

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