Emirates Health Services showcases its most prominent smart digital services at GITEX 2023


Published on Monday, 16 October 2023

Emirates Health Services (EHS) is set to unveil the latest developments in its smart digital projects during its participation in GITEX 2023. From October 16th to October 20th at the Dubai World Trade Center, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the enhanced integrated system for emergency, crisis, and disaster management, along with EHS’ smart platform, “PaCE”, an advanced platform for data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

EHS's showcases a diverse range of the latest advanced technological services integrated into its innovative healthcare system across its facilities. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the key benefits associated with its exceptional services which are focused on enhancing healthcare quality and customer satisfaction.

H.E. Mubaraka Ibrahim, the Acting Executive Director for Information Sector at Emirates Health Services, reaffirmed EHS’ dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By participating in the world's largest technological event for organizations and governments, EHS demonstrates its commitment to keeping pace with the latest developments in fields such as big data, cybersecurity, and computing. H.E. Mubaraka Ibrahim also emphasized the pivotal role of technology and big data in enhancing healthcare delivery and improving service quality in the constantly evolving healthcare sector. This aligns with the objectives of the UAE's Digital Government Strategy as well as the national health strategy and the UAE Vision 2031.

Highlighting its steadfast commitment to advancing the healthcare sector, Emirates Health Services' participation in GITEX signifies its dedication to embracing cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions. This influential event serves as a platform for EHS to showcase its accomplishments and ongoing/future projects in healthcare data analysis and the utilization of smart technologies for enhanced disease diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, it fosters collaboration and engagement with industry professionals, both in the technology and medical fields, facilitating networking, knowledge exchange, and partnerships with leading companies and institutions in the domain.

Crisis and Disaster Management

"Ghayath" for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management is an integrated and intelligent digital system that allows for seamless integration with various systems and applications. It aims to create innovative solutions that achieve integration between the EHS’ systems and strategic partners. The system focuses on achieving proactivity, flexibility, as well as business sustainability. Ghayath enables emergency and risk management professionals to effectively and efficiently handle emergencies by providing data platforms for information and resource exchange during crises. It utilizes a central data platform with real-time indicators of resource status, statistical insights, facility readiness, and concise reports and data for decision-makers. This empowers the system with superior capabilities to predict risks through the application of artificial intelligence, effectively implement emergency response plans, and minimize losses, ensuring a swift recovery from crises.

Emirates Health Services Intelligence Platform (PaCE)

During GITEX 2023, EHS presents its distinguished program, the Platform for Advanced Care and Excellence (PaCE), as it’s an advanced platform for data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence. It seamlessly integrates decision-making processes within EHS, allowing the creation of a dynamic ecosystem that combines communication, context, and continuity to achieve success. EHS boasts a range of informative dashboards, data centres, and artificial intelligence models that support decision-making and predictive capabilities, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a sustainable and efficient healthcare system.

In conclusion, Emirates Health Services' participation in GITEX highlights its dedication to showcasing the pivotal role of technology in advancing healthcare services. The global event provides a platform to highlight EHS’ cutting-edge digital systems and innovative technologies that contribute to enhancing healthcare delivery. By sharing the latest advancements and fostering collaboration, EHS aims to strengthen its technical capabilities and forge partnerships that will further improve its healthcare services. Emirates Health Services remains committed to leveraging technology to drive positive transformations in the healthcare industry.

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