Emirates Health Services was established with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of the federal health sector in the country, by providing health care and treatment services, and taking preventive measures and combating epidemics and diseases, as well as achieving sustainable development of health care.


​To be among the world’s leading destinations in providing the best health services.



Enhance the people wellbeing by providing preemptive and integrated health services, empowering the health system with partnerships and latest therapeutic technologies, and creating an (innovative and research) based work environment enriched with talented professionals


Core Values

Customer Comes First


Empathy and Equality

Safety & Security

Evidence Based Approach


EHS Objectives 2023-2026

  • Objective (1): Enhance the healthy lifestyles and community wellbeing through developing the public, preventive, and mental health programs.

  • Objective (2): Develop the health and therapeutic services and ensure their comprehensiveness and integration in line with the best medical and digital health practices.

  • Objective (3): Build and manage strategic partnerships to enhance agility, develop capabilities, enhance the quality of services, and achieve financial efficiency and global competitiveness.

  • Objective (4): Manage the EHS health facilities, and ensure the provision of healthcare services with of health services in accordance with the targeted standards and requirements.

  • Objective (5): Execute the programs and services of public and community health in line with UAE health policies and programs.

  • Objective (6): Attract and empower the best human talents, and provide efficient and effective corporate services and digital infrastructure.

  • Objective (7): Enhance the innovation practices of agility, preemptiveness, and readiness among the business system/ environment.

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