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Dear customers, the Family Promotion Health Center in Ras Al Khaimah has been closed from 17 January 2024, and you can go to the Abdullah Bin Ali Al Sharhan Health Center.

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Alfaseel Family Health Promotion Center in Fujairah and Alnahwa Helth Center in Sharjah have been closed from November 6, 2023 until further notice, You can go to the alternative health centers: Al Lulueyah Health Center in Sharjah - Kalba Health Center - Murishid Health Center in Fujairah - Al Madina Health Center in Fujairah)

Blood Donation

What is blood donation centers?

Blood donation centers are specialized centers in dealing with the public to collect blood, testing it in their laboratories and storing it to be issued according to the international standards

Benefits of blood donation

  • Blood donation is a humanitarian act that helps to save lives of needy patients like people with bleeding cases due to road traffic accidents, surgeries and hereditary anemia (Thalassemia).
  • Regular blood donation would decrease the possibility of having heart diseases and strokes. It also activates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells and help the body to get rid of excess iron level.

Blood Donation Requirements

  • Blood donor should be in good general health condition at the time of blood donation.
  • Age should be between 18- 65 years.
  • Weight not less than 50 Kg.
  • Blood pressure should be between 50/ 100 to 90/ 180 (mm Hg).
  • Pulse rate between 50-100 pulses/minute.
  • Body temperature not more than 37.5°C.
  • Blood donor must present their valid Emirates ID.
  • Donor will undergo preliminary interview with a physician, The donor will be asked about the medical, medication and the travel history to the Malaria endemic countries.

It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating woman are not recommended to donate blood for the sake of her health and her baby.

EHS Blood Donor Centres



Contact Phone


Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center 06 514 6222 Directions
Sharjah Dhaid Hospital Blood Bank 06 802 0200 Directions
Sharjah Khorfakkan Hospital Blood Bank 09 208 1200 Directions
Sharjah Kalba Hospital Blood Bank 09 277 5555 Directions
Dubai Kuwait Hospital Blood Bank 06 503 1163 Directions
Umm Al Quwain Umm Al Quwain Hospital Blood Bank 06 706 0500 Directions
Ras Al-Khaimah Saqr Hospital Blood Bank 072049999 Directions
Fujairah Fujairah hospital Blood Bank 092242999 Directions
Fujairah Diba Al Fujairah Hospital Blood Bank 092061500 Directions

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