Radiology and fitness examination services for new employees at Falaj Al Mualla Center closed due to maintenance work

We would like to inform you that Al-Digdaga Health Center will be closed as of June 17, 2024, for a period of approximately 3 months, with the aim of improving and developing the center.

Dear customers, the residency medical examination service will be permanently closed at the following public health centers: (Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah), starting from June 3, 2024.


About EHS App

EHS App provide secure access to various patient services i.e. Appointment Booking, Medical Report request, Medicine Dispense, Home Mobile Care, Queue Management, Blood Donation request. The application employs a full-scale integration with our health care information systems i.e. WAREED, which centrally connects EHS’s medical facilities in-order to cover user needs and obtain up-to-date Medical Records, and Clinical Information. App users may also integrate with their wearable devices to obtain the basic vitals via Apple Health

App Details

  • App Name: EHS App
  • Platform: Android, IOS
  • Date Published: July 2022
  • Languages:Arabic, English
  • Target Audience: EHS Registered Patients
  • Payment Gateway: E-Dirham
  • Authentication Methods: SMS OTP, Email, UAE Pass, Patient Login

App Photos

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App Services

  • Login via UAE Pass
  • SMS based 2FA Authentication
  • Sign up using ICP Profile
  • In-App Search
  • Accessibility Features
    • Font resizing
    • App theme for Color Blind
    • Text to speech
  • Services
    • Request Medical Report
    • Book a Medical Appointment
    • Mobile Healthcare
    • Covid-19 isolation certificate
    • Advance Patient Queue Tokens via Queue Management Service
    • Medicine Dispense
  • Access to patient various EMRs
  • Connection to wearables devices via Apple Health
  • In-App notifications
  • My Tasks section for patient actionable items
  • Help Center details
  • Request Tracking
  • Digital Awareness Materials
  • Personnel Health Records
  • End user feedback and tracking
  • Patient surveys

App Downloads

  • Apple App Store: 56.5K
  • Google Play Store: 32K

App Service Details

  • Request Medical Report:

    This service enables patients to request a medical report of their health condition or disease for the purpose of submission to third parties. More details could be found here by logging into EHS portal as registered user.

  • Schedule Appointment:

    This service enables customers to schedule an appointment with a doctor at any of the primary healthcare centers and hospitals of the Emirates Health Services, as well as to manage, reschedule or cancel appointments. More details could be found here by logging into EHS portal as registered user

  • Home Mobile Care:

    This service enables elderly people and people of determination who do not have access to health services to have the healthcare services in their homes. This service enhance their sense of safety and support in a family-like environment while maintaining their dignity and privacy. This service also reduces the burden on hospitals and the complications of chronic diseases. More details could be found here by logging into EHS portal as registered user

  • Covid-19 Isolation Certificate:

    Isolation Certificate is downloadable digital Covid-19 recovery certificate certifying that covid-19 patient successfully completed the 10 days recovery period leading to successful recovery. More details could be found here by logging into EHS portal as registered user

  • Dispense Medication Service:

    This service enables users to easily schedule the delivery of prescribed medicine via 3 channels i.e. Self-Pickup, Home Delivery to registered address (only for UAE Nationals ) or Kiosk / Robotic Pharmacy based delivery. More details could be found here by logging into EHS portal as registered user

  • Queue Management Service:

    This service enables EHS patients to get their queue tickets before visiting the healthcare facility which would cut down on waiting times once they reach the healthcare facility.

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