About Virtual Clinic App

Virtual Clinic App enables EHS patients to easily conduct their virtual / E-Clinic appointments at the comfort of their homes without having to visit EHS facilities. E-Clinic appointments are booked easily based on the available specialties at EHS facilities or based on the user request.

Note: This service will be soon available on EHS smart application.

App Screenshots

App Details

  • App Name: Virtual Clinic EHS
  • Platform: Android, IOS
  • Date Published: April 2020
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Target Audience:UAE Society
  • Payment Gateway: NA
  • Authentication Methods: SMS OTP

App Features

  • User sign based on Emirates ID
  • View Upcoming appointment
  • Conduct Video appointments
  • User Experience Evaluation Survey

App Downloads

  • Apple App Store: 9800
  • Google Play Store: 4602

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