PFAC overview

PFAC overview​

Patients and their Families advisory council is an approach for partnership with patients and their families on one side and the Emirates Health Services (EHS) on the other side. The aim is to create an appropriate environment for both sides to work together as partners to improve the quality and safety of care across healthcare facilities. ​

Patient and family representatives are individuals who have received health care from our health facilities or representatives of community associations offering insights and input to help the Emirates Health Services provide care and services that are based on the specific needs of the patient and their families rather than the assumptions of physicians or healthcare facility staff about what the needs of patients and families are.

The advisory council can make suggestions to improve the patient experience, provide advice on policies and practices to support patient and family engagement, offer recommendations on how to measure and evaluate patient and family engagement, plan and evaluate the programs; and provide input on healthcare policies, programs and practices.

Our Vision

Leading Healthcare with community participation ​


Our Mission

Develop the health services provided in various units under the Emirates Health services through an effective and distinguished participation for patient representatives , community groups and institutions to obtain safe health care by adopting international best practices.


Our Core Values

Creativity and Innovation ​






  • Work as an advisory body for the Emirates Health Services to improve the quality of health care.

  • Empower different categories of society to participate in the improvement of the quality of healthcare services.

  • Develop communication mechanisms with different categories s of society.

  • Provide consultations and proposals to improve patient experience in healthcare Facilities.

  • Suggest policies, approaches and practices that support healthcare facilities.

Council Competencies

Patients and their Families Advisory Council is considered a body representing patients and their families and groups of society that receive healthcare services in all facilities affiliated by the Emirates Health Services. The Council seeks to provide an advisory role in accordance with the decree No. 272 ​​of 2021.

  • Discussing the projects and initiatives that aim to improve the experience of patients and groups of society.

  • Expressing opinion and advice in planning and developing services from the patient’s perspective

  • Reviewing surveys, information, and data related to the services provided to patients, customer satisfaction reports, and performance indicators related to quality and patient safety in order to determine the needs of patients and their families and suggest proposals for improvement.

  • Reviewing feedback of patients and their families as well as various groups of society in order to improve the services.

  • Providing advice on projects and policies referred to the council by the EHS Board of Directors related to patients and their families’ affairs.

  • Providing knowledge, experience and personal skills that support the improvement of the performance of the Emirates Health services.

Chairman of the Council

Patient and Community Representatives

Mr. Humaid Khameis Humaid Khameis Al Yammahi

Retired Brigadier General – Ministry of Interior

Mr. Consultant Rashed Ebrahim Al Mutawwa Al Nuaimi

Strategic planning and institutional performance management consultant - Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence

Mrs. Fatma Abdulrahman Al Zarooni

Social studies specialist in the Family Development Department - Ministry of Community Development

Miss. Wedad Mohamed Ali Mohamed Shaheen

Psychologist - Department of Care and Rehabilitation of People of Determination

EHS Representatives

Dr. Layla Mohammed Omran Taryam

Consultant Physician, Al Qasimi Hospital for Women and Children

Dr. Aaesha Ahmed ALNuaimi

Head of Patient Experience Section– Quality Department

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Suwaidi

Director of Customer Happiness Department

Mrs. Aisha Ahmed Al Shehhi

Representative of Youth Council - EHS

Mr. Sadek Mohammed Abou Suleiman

Assistant Consultant – Quality Department

PFAC Activities 2021 - 2022

October 2021

  • Design the PFAC guidance manual
  • Create the PFAC web page

April 2022

  • Patient representatives participation in the field visit to assess the parking areas
  • Prepare the guidance manual of the friendly parking initiative for patients and families

July 2022

  • Adopting the patient experience initiative in obtaining an medical appointment and participating in the evaluation
  • Participation of patients' representatives in evaluating the customer happiness questionnaire

September 2022

  • Participation of patients’ representatives in awareness and training of the medical team in regard of improving the patient experience

November 2022

  • Council members' participation in the field tour initiative "With your participation, our services improve" at Saqr Hospital

February 2023

  • Council members' participation in the brainstorming sessions to develop the strategic plan for the patients’ council

June 2023

  • Council members' participation in evaluating dental services and checking out the smart laboratory services at EHS

Contact Us

Your opinion matters and your feedback will help us to improve the quality of services. You can reach us at

Thank you very much for taking the time and helping us to deliver the best possible Patient Experience.

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