Dimensions of the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025

  • Leaving no one behind
  • Resilient
  • Fit for the digital age
  • User-driven
  • Digital by design
  • Data-driven
  • Open by default
  • Proactiveness.

Below is a brief description of the dimensions:

Leaving no one behind

This can be achieved by

  • adopting open and inclusive processes, accessibility, transparency and accountability among the main goals of UAE digital government strategies and
  • ensuring inclusiveness and overcoming any digital divides that might arise with special focus on elders, people with determination, women, children and other vulnerable groups.


This involves leveraging the emerging technologies to build capabilities in anticipation of disasters and crises to be able to respond to them proactively.

Fit for the digital age

This involves promoting cross-sectoral and inter-ministerial co-ordination and collaboration, setting national priorities and engaging relevant stakeholders in pursuing the UAE’s digital agenda.


This dimension recommends governments to be more user-driven, highlighting the notion of engagement by default. It advises keeping people’ needs and convenience at the centre of shaping processes, services and policies and adopting inclusive mechanisms.

Digital by design

This dimension is about establishing clear organisational leadership along with effective co-ordination and enforcement mechanisms. All policy processes must be embedded with ‘digital’ as a mandatory transformative element.


Under this dimension, a digital government governs data as a key strategic asset in generating public value through applying it in the planning, delivering and monitoring of public policies, and adopts rules and ethical principles for their trustworthy and safe reuse.

Open by default

Open by default means making government data and policy-making processes (including algorithms) available for the public to engage with.


This dimension is about the ability of governments and civil servants to anticipate people’s needs and respond to them rapidly enough, so that users do not have to engage with the cumbersome process of data and service delivery.

National Digital Transformation Committee

The UAE’s National Digital Transformation Committee is the owner of this strategy. It is responsible for orchestrating the whole-of-government approach that addresses the cross-cutting role of technology in the design and implementation of the UAE Government’s activities at the national level.

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