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We pay great attention to your active participation and building communication bridges with you to know your opinions and suggestions, so it has implemented a wide range of tools and means of participation, including EHS’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, EHS’s YouTube channel, discussion forums, opinion polls, digital participation, blogs and others, allowing you to share with us your opinions and suggestions in any means of communication that you find appropriate, about all our services and initiatives.

Pursuant to the implementation of our Digital-Participation Index, we have allocated a team responsible for collecting the information gathered from various e-surveys regarding our services and initiatives, which is then shared on the Official Portal of the UAE Government, and on the EHS’s website. We use the information gathered through surveys to make decisions, meet the needs of the community, and achieve the happiness of all customers.

We encourage all customers to share their thoughts and suggestions across our various networking channels, which are found on our website and social media platforms at any time. EHS reserves the right to publish any content posted on any of its networking channels and urges its customers to refrain from putting forward any topics related to politics or which might abuse others or violate their privacy.

Your opinion matters

We are always happy to receive your suggestions and feedback regarding our services and initiatives, and we work to motivate our customers to participate in decision-making and policymaking. This is pursuant to the directives of the wise leadership to develop the national e-portals according to the standards set by the United Nations (UN).

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