Digital Participation Policy

As it relies on customers’ valuable participation and contributions, the EHS has developed its own communication programs and communication tools. The EHS’s electronic communication channels for customers are designed to receive their feedback and suggestions, enabling the government body to raise the level of customer satisfaction and improve services. Further, in line with its transparency policy, the EHS’s electronic communication channels serve as a platform for the public to convey their thoughts and opinions on its mission and strategic objectives. The channels can collect various points of view that will be used to improve the EHS’s services.

Moderation Policy

The EHS welcomes all opinions and proposals submitted online to enhance its services and decision-making processes. It, however, reserves the right to delete contents that:

  • Are considered threats to security.
  • Contain inappropriate language.
  • Violate the privacy of others or offensive.
  • Violate local laws.
  • Are indecent, obscene, or defamatory.
  • Include unwanted messages or promote any trade.
  • Are prejudiced, or harmful to any segment of society, based on race, colour, nationality, religion, or status.
  • Include collective or political discussions.
  • Contain a breach of intellectual property rights.​

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