To improve the work mechanism of blood transfusion services centres in the UAE, and to fulfil the needs of patients in health facilities, EHS ensures its commitment to continue organizing blood donation campaigns according to the highest standards from international authorities, with the highest levels of safety and accuracy, aiming to support the strategic stock of blood banks in the country. This is reflected in the ongoing campaigns organized by EHS, such as the last campaign titled "Life Imprint" under the slogan "Be proud of your blood donation."


Through this e-participation, EHS seeks to measure the community's awareness on the importance of donating blood, and their knowledge about the campaigns that have been organized, and to monitor their opinions and suggestions to develop the blood donation program and improve the quality of provided services.


The results will be analyzed, studied and used in future blood donation campaigns, and in choosing the best channels to reach society members in the announcement stage.  

Survey :


  • Open Date : 01/04/2022
  • Close Date: 01/05/2022

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