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Public Consultation on Using Digital Channels for Booking a Medical Appointment and Requesting a Medical Report Services

Open Date : 08/08/2023|Close Date: 31/12/2023


Through this public consultation, Emirates Health Services (EHS) seeks to improve the customers' experience with the EHS's digital channels by choosing two services: Book a Medical Appointment and Request a Medical Report, and engaging customers in direct dialogues by focus group sessions to clarify the correct steps for applying for the service and to consider their preferences and the difficulties they face during their use of digital channels

:Details and Goals

This public consultation aims to involve customers in focus groups to consider their preferences and take their opinions and suggestions into account in the process of improving and developing their experience using the services of Booking a Medical Appointment and Requesting a Medical Report through the digital channels of the Emirates Health Services

:Decisions expected as a result of this initiative

Consider the public opinions and suggestions to improve the methods of applying for digital services


A focus group session was held to gather feedback from 40 service users for two digital services (Book a medical appointment and request a medical report). Out of the invited 40 users, 10 confirmed their attendance, and only 5 actually attended the session. During the focus session, the satisfaction rate for the website was 60%, while the mobile application received a neutral rating of 40% neutral. This indicates a preference for using the mobile app by 44%, compared to other channels such as: website, text messages, and call center. Moreover, User satisfaction with the service content scored an average of 3 out of 5, while ease of access and service request scored an average of 4 out of 5. 

The results also indicated that the participants' awareness of the EHS digital services is 74.36 through social media platforms, and the results indicated that 59% of the participants applied for the service of request a medical report while 41% of them applied for the service of book a medical appointment through digital channels. 

The survey indicated the preferred features for users to apply for the service through digital channels. The highest percentage of these features was ease of service accessibility, reaching 22%. Additionally, users favored using the website at a rate of 36% and the mobile application at 28%, compared to other channels. Technical issues faced by users during service provision were also measured, and the result showed that 74% did not encounter any technical problems while applying for these services.


Ensure that continuous technical support is provided for digital systems and channels
Involve a selected group of users in redesigning the medical appointment booking service
Launching the Digital Government Advisor initiative to encourage users to use digital channels 
Release service packages during the first quarter of 2024 

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