Public Consultation on the "We Reach You" Initiative By Al-Fujairah Hospital

Open Date : 15/09/2023|Close Date: 31/12/2023


Al Fujairah Hospital launched the "We Reach You" initiative which aims to ensure customers' happiness by responding to all customers' inquiries about medical appointments, communicating with customers to remind them of appointments, and providing the necessary assistance to amend appointments based on customers' preferences and desires. This consultation has been published to identify customers' opinions about booking a medical appointment service at Al Fujairah Hospital and to improve the customers' experience accordingly

:Details and Goals

This consultation aims to improve the customer experience in obtaining a medical appointment service at Al Fujairah Hospital to achieve customer satisfaction

:Decisions expected as a result of this initiative

Improving the customers' experience of booking a medical appointment service at Al Fujairah Hospital based on customers' opinions


The results indicate that 74% of the participants confirmed that their inquiries were fully answered and got sufficient information by the customer service staff, and this percentage is considered a positive result compared to service demand, which confirms the preference of customers to benefit from the service. 
The results indicate that approximately 70% of the participants did not face difficulty getting the needed assistance to book or modify the appointment, and this is considered as a satisfactory result.

The results indicate that 84% of participants felt confident about data security and privacy.
The results indicate that a huge number of customers faced challenges while booking a medical appointment through the hospital, and this is indicated by 46% of the participants, while 54% of them did not face any challenges while booking the appointment, there are several reasons for getting low percentages from the participants, which are the high demand on the specialized clinics services and the shortage of some medical staff, especially during their annual leaves, and the lack of commitment of patients to attend  appointments  and forced to book new appointments, in addition to customers' lack of awareness of the availability of  other channels to book a medical appointment, such as the call center and the smart application of EHS.
The results also indicate that the satisfaction rate of the quality of service provided reached 73%, which indicates the positive impression of customers about the service.


Continuing the initiative as it was well received by customers and left a positive impression.
Providing training programs in effective communication and using soft skills in dealing and responding to inquiries through phone calls
Emphasize employees to call back all missed calls to ensure that the largest number of customers are reached, meet the customers' desires, and respond to their inquiries related to appointments. 
Emphasizing employees the need to communicate effectively with customers during the provision of the service to ensure that they receive the service and are fully satisfied with it.
 Marketing and promoting the mechanism of booking a medical appointment using various channels such as the call center and the smart application of EHS.
Provide a sufficient number of employees to provide the service and ensure the overall quality of service
Conducting a capacity study and the volume of demand for specialized services on an ongoing basis and providing appropriate medical staff.
Focus on communicating between patients and health care providers, especially doctors, to increase the awareness of their patients about the importance of their commitment to attend treatment appointments based on their health condition. 
Launching a marketing campaign for the initiative and working to raise the awareness of customers on the importance of commitment to attend medical appointments

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