Radiology and fitness examination services for new employees at Falaj Al Mualla Center closed due to maintenance work

We would like to inform you that Al-Digdaga Health Center will be closed as of June 17, 2024, for a period of approximately 3 months, with the aim of improving and developing the center.

Dear customers, the residency medical examination service will be permanently closed at the following public health centers: (Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah), starting from June 3, 2024.

Al Qassimi Women’s and Children’s Hospital Achieves Medical Breakthrough in Non-Surgical Treatment of Uterine Fibroids

02 July 2024

Al Qassimi Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Sharjah, part of the Emirates Health Services (EHS), has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the country by treating uterine fibroids using a new technique that eliminates the need for surgery. The hospital announced that it successfully treated eight patients experiencing health issues related to fibroids, including bleeding and pain, lately.

Dr. Muna Khalfan Sabt, Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the hospital, confirmed that the uterine fibroid treatment unit utilizes a new technique recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating soft tissue tumors. This technique, known as radiofrequency ablation, has shown high efficacy and safety in treating women with uterine fibroids without the need for surgical removal. Radiofrequency ablation is a cutting-edge method for treating soft tissue tumors such as fibroids, with recent studies demonstrating its effectiveness and safety in treating various organs including the liver, kidneys, adrenal gland, thyroid gland, breasts, bones, and uterus.

Dr. Muna explained that uterine fibroid removal using radiofrequency is a form of thermal ablation that gradually shrinks fibroid size without the need for surgery or exposure to serious side effects. She emphasized that this medical procedure is characterized by its effectiveness, safety, and ability to treat uterine fibroids while preserving uterine health and integrity. Women undergoing this procedure can leave the hospital on the same day and resume their normal activities within about five days.

Dr. Mona Kashwani, Specialist in Gynecological Diseases and Robotic Surgery at the hospital, explained that uterine fibroids are benign and common tumors that affect the uterine muscle, with 30% of women experiencing them. These fibroids cause various symptoms such as bleeding, pain, fertility issues, and recurrent miscarriages. She highlighted that uterine fibroids can impact vital organs like the urinary system and kidneys at advanced stages, and can lead to complications during pregnancy. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment are recommended.

The adoption of modern radiofrequency ablation technology underscores the hospital's commitment to providing optimal medical care to patients. This technology stands out as the only one not requiring surgical intervention. The hospital has integrated this unique technique into its existing procedures for treating uterine fibroids, which include open surgery, robot-assisted removal, and uterine artery embolization. This achievement is a result of the collaborative efforts of the hospital's multidisciplinary team and reflects the substantial support provided by EHS in equipping its facilities with cutting-edge, high-quality medical technologies.

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