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Emirates Health Services Announces Linking the School Health Program with 313 Public Schools as a First Phase

16 January 2024

Emirates Health Services (EHS) announced that over 164,100 students have joined the School Health Program as part of a comprehensive plan to safeguard the health and safety of students and the educational community. EHS has electronically linked the School Health Program with 313 government schools from Dubai to Fujairah, and efforts are currently underway to complete the electronic linkage with the remaining government schools in the mentioned Emirates.

EHS revealed that the School Health Program is one of the key preventive health programs that supports the growth of children and adolescents at all stages of human life. It provides a safe environment for students, enhances their health and well-being, and maintains a healthy and sustainable school environment.

EHS emphasized that the School Health Program is one of the key preventive health programs it has adopted, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals. It has been designed using smart systems as a central platform and an integrated model of care that extends to all aspects of child health, from schools to advanced levels of care. Additionally, it enables bidirectional information exchange through electronic health records.

As part of the program, EHS has successfully administered over 170,000 doses of vaccines in accordance with the National Immunization Program for school students. Additionally, it has reduced the process of documenting vaccinations electronically to less than 5 minutes per student, ensuring ease of access to and provision of vaccinations within schools.

In light of rapid and continuous technological advancements, the electronic linkage of the School Health Program ensures meeting all the students' health, psychological, and preventive needs. This is achieved by providing a database and electronic medical record for each student, which includes their medical history and all the healthcare and preventive measures provided. The electronic linkage is effective in accurately identifying the student's health needs, as well as improving communication among all stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and medical teams.

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