Radiology and fitness examination services for new employees at Falaj Al Mualla Center closed due to maintenance work

We would like to inform you that Al-Digdaga Health Center will be closed as of June 17, 2024, for a period of approximately 3 months, with the aim of improving and developing the center.

Dear customers, the residency medical examination service will be permanently closed at the following public health centers: (Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah), starting from June 3, 2024.

Emirates Health Services Unveils Innovative Initiatives and Hosts Workshop with Participation of 16 Hospitals

24 June 2024

Emirates Health Services (EHS) organized a workshop focused on eliminating bureaucracy in the healthcare sector. The event convened representatives from 16 affiliated hospitals to discuss key initiatives, proposals, and challenges in alignment with the UAE government’s ‘Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme’. This strategic effort highlights EHS’ commitment to enhancing customer experience, improving government services, and advancing towards the objectives of ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision.

The 16 affiliated hospital participating in the workshop included Abdulla Bin Omran Hospital, Kalba Hospital, Saqr Hospital, Al Dhaid Hospital, Shaa'm Hospital, Al Qassimi Hospital, Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, Khorfakkan Hospital, Al Qassimi Women's and Children's Hospital, Dibba Hospital, Fujairah Hospital, Masafi Hospital, Kuwait Hospital in Dubai, Al Amal Hospital, and Umm Al Quwain Hospital.

EHS organized this workshop as part of the Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme reflecting its commitment to the vision and directives of the UAE’s leadership to achieve smart government goals and reduce bureaucracy in public services. This aligns with EHS’ strategy to enhance operational efficiency, embrace innovative initiatives, improve operational processes, and prioritize patient satisfaction. Its dedication to enhancing patient experience and ensuring service excellence underscores the belief that eliminating bureaucracy is crucial to delivering high-quality healthcare services efficiently and effectively, cementing the UAE's global leadership in healthcare.

The workshop highlighted initiatives and studies aimed at developing zero bureaucracy policies, as well as related proposals that are still under consideration. It also addressed existing challenges and opportunities to explore ways to develop innovative solutions supporting the streamlining and reduction of procedures within EHS.

The workshop included a review of best practices, experiences, and outcomes in implementing zero bureaucracy in EHS hospitals, especially ones with fruitful outcomes. The role and experiences of EHS facilities that initiated innovative projects to improve administrative operations’ efficiency and reduce the time patients spend obtaining health services were highlighted. Among these initiatives were projects that significantly reduced waiting times and improved patient experiences. Additionally, proposals and initiatives aimed at simplifying administrative procedures and reducing the effort required by patients and their caregivers were emphasized. These included initiatives to streamline admission and discharge procedures and enable online payment of treatment fees, which have already been implemented in one facility, resulting in a patient journey reduction by more than 50% and a decrease in procedural steps by 60%. These achievements contribute to improving satisfaction and experience for both customers and staff.

The workshop aligns with Emirates Health Services' steadfast commitment to adopting best practices that enhance the quality of healthcare services provided to the community. It supports the UAE's vision of delivering smart, integrated services that prioritise the happiness and well-being of citizens and residents, in line with the objectives of ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision and UAE Centennial 2071 plan.

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