Emirates Health Services wins international "3M" Award for its speech recognition technology

23 July 2023

Emirates Health Services has accomplished a significant achievement as a result of its unwavering dedication to enhancing healthcare systems through cutting-edge technologies.

3M International presented EHS with the prestigious award for "Best Clinical Adoption for Development Projects" which recognises its remarkable use of speech recognition technology distinguished for its efficiency and exceptional quality.

This was announced during the International Doctors Accreditation Summit in Georgia, USA, where international partners that achieved 50% or greater direct adoption of the speech recognition technology by doctors within the first year of implementation were honoured.

H.E. Dr. Issam Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director of Medical Services at EHS, said receiving this award is a result of the unwavering efforts of EHS and a reflection of the effectiveness of its functional and administrative professionals. The honour demonstrates the ongoing efforts of EHS to strengthen its position on the global healthcare map and to improve the effectiveness of its work to ensure that EHS meets its strategic objectives in line with the vision of the nation’s leadership.

Al Zarooni added: "Speech recognition technology is one of the artificial intelligence-based initiatives that EHS has implemented in its facilities to achieve sustainability in expanding the capabilities and quality of healthcare services. This also improves the quality and well-being of life through a package of health services that delight clients and enhance their happiness. It has strengthened EHS's competitiveness and position as one of the most renowned health authorities regionally and globally, by providing the highest standards of healthcare.”

Al Zarooni commended the staff for their achievement, highlighting its positive impact on performance efficiency and healthcare quality. He emphasized the leading role of EHS in delivering advanced healthcare services that incorporate automation and artificial intelligence, contributing to its sustainability goals in alignment with the leadership's directives and organizational strategy.

Speech recognition technology is one of the most recent alternatives for direct documentation utilised by doctors. This has been adopted and implemented in 17 hospitals and 65 healthcare centres under EHS. The entity also had the highest usage rate during the first year of introduction, with clinicians using the system 87% of the time.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), natural language understanding (NLU), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, the program efficiently captures clinical notes, resulting in a beneficial allocation of additional time for patient care. Feedback from physicians who utilize speech recognition technology demonstrates notable improvements in productivity, performance efficiency, and a reduction in document-related exhaustion.

The programme also plays an important role in Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDIe), raising the quality of clinical observation, and contributing to documentation completeness by analysing clinical notes instantly and alerting physicians when information is missing.

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