Free Surgeries for Low-Income Individuals at Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah

28 March 2024

 Commemorating Zayed Humanitarian Day celebrated by the United Arab Emirates on the 19th of Ramadan, and in remembrance of the late founding father of the nation, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, under Emirates Health Services (EHS), conducted a series of free surgeries for low-income individuals. This initiative honors the legacy of the nation's founder and continues the path of giving initiated since the establishment of the union.

The surgical and orthopedic departments at the hospital conducted several free surgeries for low-income individuals. These included a colon tumor removal surgery for a 70-year-old patient of Asian descent and a surgical procedure for a 25-year-old Asian patient who presented at Kuwait Hospital's emergency department following an accident resulting in an open fracture in his left leg. He underwent surgery to stabilize the open fracture using a metal brace.

Afra Salem, Director of Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah, highlighted that the hospital's participation on Zayed Humanitarian Day reinforces its dedication to Zayed's legacy of benevolence and aiding those in need. This showcases the hospital's commitment to the humanitarian collaboration, deemed as an authentic legacy within Emirati society. She emphasized that conducting surgeries for low-income individuals and engaging with patients exemplify essential humanitarian values, pivotal in community development. These actions epitomize reflecting the essence of humanity effectively into society, contributing to nation-building and elevating the UAE's stature both regionally and globally.

The management of Kuwait Hospital also conducted a humanitarian visit to the patients in all internal departments, ensuring their well-being and presenting gifts to them. This initiative aims to reinforce a culture of cooperation and solidarity, while emphasizing the noble humanitarian values instilled by the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan. It continues the journey of dedication and giving carried forward by the wise leadership.

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