Fujairah Hospital Becomes the First Public Hospital to Achieve "Patient Safety Friendly Hospital" Accreditation

25 March 2024

Fujairah Hospital, a leading healthcare facility under Emirates Health Services, has been awarded the "Patient Safety Friendly Hospital" title after meeting World Health Organization’s requirements. This achievement comes as part of the initiative launched by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

With this announcement, Fujairah Hospital proudly emerges as the first public hospital to be bestowed with this esteemed title. This accolade is a testament to the dedication and proficiency of its administrative, medical, nursing, and administrative staff in implementing top-tier international practices in patient safety. This milestone marks a substantial advancement for Fujairah Hospital, solidifying its reputation as a pioneer in delivering exceptional and cutting-edge medical care. It highlights the hospital's steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety through the advancement and implementation of healthcare standards, while offering innovative and comprehensive healthcare services.

The announcement of the hospital's achievement followed a meticulous and comprehensive three-day evaluation that encompassed a wide array of standards focused on enhancing patient safety. This evaluation included the implementation of standardized safety practices to ensure consistent application of patient safety practices across various healthcare networks. It also emphasized collaboration among hospital managers, physicians, and patients, engaging all stakeholders to foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement and enhancing the overall quality of care. Furthermore, it aimed to reduce healthcare costs, as improving patient safety practices leads to a decrease in adverse events and hospital-acquired infections.

Dr. Ahmed Al Khadeim, Director of Fujairah Hospital, emphasized that achieving the title of "Patient Safety Friendly Hospital" represents a strategic milestone in the hospital's journey towards providing effective and innovative healthcare. He noted that this accomplishment reflects the hospital's strategic vision to enhance care quality and patient safety by adopting the best international practices in patient safety. Dr. Al Khadim underscored the hospital's steadfast commitment to providing a safe and innovative medical environment for all stakeholders. He emphasized that achieving the title of "Patient-Friendly Hospital" represents a strategic milestone in the hospital's journey towards providing effective and innovative healthcare.

Dr. Al Khadeim added, "This achievement contributes to enhancing transparency and effective communication with patients and their families, enabling patients to actively participate in their treatment plan and understand the medical procedures taken. It improves the patient experience in the hospital and elevates levels of satisfaction and trust between both parties. The support provided by Emirates Health Services to its healthcare facilities has played a pivotal role in enhancing the status of these facilities, leading to the achievement of numerous accomplishments that will continue on both local and global scales."

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, in partnership with the World Health Organization, introduced the "Patient Safety Friendly Hospitals" initiative in the country to enhance patient safety. This initiative focuses on developing accredited standards that enhance hospital performance in line with global practices, to ensure the delivery of high- quality healthcare services to patients based on the best international standards and practices.

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