Kuwait Hospital in Dubai performs five surgeries using plasma technology, broadcasting them live during a workshop

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Published on Friday, 12 May 2023

The Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Department at Kuwait Hospital in Dubai – an affiliate of Emirates Health Services (EHS) – is organising a workshop on ear, nose, throat, head, and neck surgeries performed using plasma technology on 12-13 May 2023, with 60 visiting physicians from around the world taking part.

The workshop is set to feature five surgeries using plasma technology, performed by a medical team led by Dr. Ahmad Mohammed Al Amadi, Assistant Director for Medical Affairs, Consultant, and Head of the ENT Department at Kuwait Hospital in Dubai, along with visiting physicians from the UK and South Africa. The five surgeries will be broadcast live for participating physicians on day one of the workshop, while day two consists of practical training for participants on using the latest advancements in plasma technology available at the Hospital.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director of the Financial Sector and Support Services at EHS, Director of Kuwait Hospital in Dubai, said: “Kuwait Hospital in Dubai is a distinguished medical institution with an impeccable reputation on the local and regional levels. It is a reference when it comes to the use of plasma technology in the region, having begun using this technology more than 10 years ago for ear, nose, throat, head, and neck surgeries. Emirates Health Services is committed to supporting all of its affiliated health facilities, providing them with the latest medical equipment and advanced technologies, as it continues along its digital transformation and smart medicine journey.”

For his part, Dr. Ahmad Al Amadi noted: “Kuwait Hospital in Dubai has recently introduced a series of upgrades to its plasma technology operations, which is considered a revolution in surgical technologies, using a notably low temperature of up to 60oC to perform surgeries, compared to laser technology that generates several times more heat. The Hospital was able to perform numerous operations using plasma technology, including tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, operations to treat snoring, and surgeries of the larynx and trachea.”

Plasma technology contributes to a significant reduction in surgical complications, such as postoperative pain; it also speeds up recovery and reduces the length of hospital stays, allowing the patient to leave the hospital on the same day of the operation and resume their normal life within 24 hours after the surgery.

Kuwait Hospital in Dubai is a public hospital affiliated with Emirates Health Services, and provides specialised treatment services through outpatient clinics. The Hospital stands out for performing robotic ear, nose, and throat surgeries.

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