Kuwait Hospital Sharjah offers the best health services for patients with neurological diseases and welcomes senior neurology consultants

24 July 2023

In line with the commitment of Emirates Health Services to raise the quality of health services to the highest international standards, Kuwait Hospital Sharjah is providing quality services for patients with neurological diseases through medical and psychological support and health education programmes that strengthen the skills of the hospital’s professionals to provide integrated healthcare to patients.

The neurosurgery clinic at Kuwait Hospital Sharjah receives nearly 200 cases per month (patients times a week) of various conditions such as migraine, epilepsy, non-epileptic attack disorders, multiple sclerosis and movement disorders, including vibration syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, as well as follow-ups on strokes and congenital neurological defects.

EHS, represented by Kuwait Hospital Sharjah, places great emphasis on neurological patients. A specialised clinic was inaugurated for migraine patients last year. It also enabled the rapid admission of sclerosis patients at a specialised clinic to get necessary intravenous doses if a sudden onslaught occurs, follow-up on treatment plans, and booking psychiatry, psychotherapy, physiotherapy and orthopaedic sessions as needed.

Kuwait Hospital Sharjah endeavours to establish strong communications with patients suffering from neurological diseases. During the first half of 2023, the hospital organised educational and social programmes for patients and trained medical personnel. These events included marking Epilepsy Day and Multiple Sclerosis Day to advance efforts and promote self-care for patients and raise awareness about new treatments.

In collaboration with the Visiting Physicians Programme, Kuwait Hospital Sharjah last year hosted Dr. Joshy E, Senior Neurology Consultant at Prince Hospital in Bangalore, India.

During his five-day visit, Dr. Joshy examined 52 patients at the outpatient brain and neurological clinics at the hospital and assessed 35 cases with complex neurological problems. Additionally, his visit included a lecture on botox interventions in movement disorders in the presence of medical and nursing staff, as well as a training workshop for doctors and 18 other department consultants from the Northern Emirates.

Dr. Joshy has considerable experience in neurology as well as a fellowship in movement disorders from the US. This is a rare subdiscipline in neurology. He has long experience in Botox injection of chronic movement disorders and migraine for over 30 years.

Dr. Davidoth Naik, consultant and head of neurology and internal medicine at Kuwait Hospital Sharjah, highlighted the importance of Dr. Joshy’s visit in raising the efficiency of the professionals by providing updates on the treatment of neurological diseases as well as the latest developments in nervous system diseases.

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