Purpose & Scope

  • To provide an open data source enabling our customers with all data they need with optimum transparency, trust, accountability of the EHS open data source, and data innovation.

  • EHS encourages customers to present their views and suggestions that would support raise better services in open data section.

​Policy statement

  • Open data can be used, reused and republished by any individual, legal or governmental entity.

  • When EHS data is used then EHS name should be mentioned as the data source, the file name and publishing date. This is done to maintain ownership of data, credibility and authenticity of its source.

  • The data content should not be altered, manipulated or misrepresented in any form.

  • The data should not be used against any values or traditions of UAE, or not be used in any political purposes, criminal use, or supporting any legal or illegal purposes or any other actions that would have any negative impact on the UAE in any manner or EHS.

  • EHS is not responsible for any direct or indirect use of the available data on its website. Such liability rests upon the user.

  • The user of open data on EHS’s website shall acknowledge the use of open data upon his own risk, and EHS shall bear no responsibility whatsoever to update all open data in the future.

  • EHS does not guarantee the continuity of providing such data or any part therefore, nor assumes any liability towards data users and the damages or loss, which they may suffer due to its reuse.


  • Not to use the provided data in an unlawful and/or misleading manner.

  • Not to use the data for political purposes, or to support illegal activity, or to have a negative impact on the name or position of the EHS.

  • To refer to EHS as the data source with the name of the file and publish date.

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