Directing companies and institutions who wants to deal with Emirates Health Services to register as suppliers in the Federal Supplier Registration system in order to inform them of all kinds of local and foreign tenders and practices, such as (medicines, medical supplies and general materials).

Service Details

Target Audience:

Suppliers (Locals and Overseas)

Sector Name:

Finance & Support Services Sector

Service Fees:

Suppliers registration: AED 500 + AED 3.00 via e-Dirham Card

Department Name:

Purchasing & Contracts Department

Service Type:


Required Documents:

License issued by the Department of Economic Development

Service Process

  • Registration as a supplier via Ministry of Finance official website Click here

  • Viewing EHS tenders and practices through the official website of Ministry of Finance Click here

Conditions & Requirements

  • In case the supplier is a legal person, it shall be one of the companies duly registered in UAE and subject to the provisions of Federal Law no. (2) of 2015 concerning Commercial Companies as amended, or any other legislation to replace it.

  • Branches of foreign companies registered at the UAE free zones may be registered, provided that such branches are duly registered in UAE outside free zones. Medicine suppliers are excepted from these criteria.

  • Supplier must be authorized to practice commercial activities in UAE.

  • Supplier must not be banned from participating in tenders and practices by any federal authority.

  • Supplier must not be a partner to one of EHS employees.

  • Supplier must not be a partner to one of EHS employees.

  • Federal entities and organizations are exempt from the payment of registration fees and the purchase of tender documents.

  • SMEs that are 100% owned by citizens are exempt from the Supplier Register fees for the first two years from the date of the establishment.

Tender & Practisng Terms & Conditions

  • Tenders must submitted electronically on the Ministry of Finance website only

  • The Vendor must indicate the tender number in the offer as per RFQ

  • Suppliers must submit their offers in AED, where offers are rejected in other currencies.

  • Bank Guranttee will be refunded to non-winning bidders when the award is issued.

  • Emirates Health Services has the right to cancel the practice, reject or accept any tender.

  • Electronic offers shall be opened within a maximum of (8) working days from the deadline

  • The Vendor must refer to any part of the contract that it wishes to contract with another sub-supplier, and the supplier must provide the organization with all required information about the sub-supplier.

  • Suppliers must submit their electronic offers with the same name registered in the Ministry of Finance, and any difference between the registered name and the offers will lead to the exclusion of the company.

  • Two separate offers must be submitted as follows: A financial offer along with bank guarantee and a Technical Offer without price

  • EHS has the right to divide the items among more than one supplier without the applicants' right to object.

  • All the documents and bank guarantees must be submitted in Arabic or in Both Arabic and English, and the text in Arabic is the key when the contents are disputed.

  • Vendors operating in free zones are excluded from participating in Tender unless they have a branch outside the free zone and if there is a branch outside the free zone, they must register and participate in practice on behalf of the branch.

  • The company may submit more than one offer (alternatives) ، 5% Bank Guranttee must be attached if the bid is more than AED 1,000,000 (1 Million Dirhams) for supply contracts & AED 3,000,000 (Three Million Dirhams) for consulting services issued to Emirates Health Services by a bank operating in the UAE and valid for at least 90 days of the date of submission, cheques will not be accepted even if they are certified or not.

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