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Request for Blood Donation

About the Service

This service enables individuals to donate blood for transfusion to those who need it.


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Service Process

  • 1

    Register upon arrival at the blood bank

  • 2

    Read the available educational material concerning blood donation, complete the required information in the questionnaire and sign the Informed Consent form

  • 3

    Preliminary tests will be conducted to determine the blood group, and to measure the vital indicators of blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature

  • 4

    The blood donation process will then be completed

  • 5

    Rest and enjoy the hospitality offered to all donors

Service Fees


Service completion duration

60 minutes

Target audience

General Individuals

Service Limitations

The donor must be in good health and not suffer from any acute disease

Service channels

  • Service Centers (Primary Healthcare Centers)

Service Provision Timings

  • Blood Donation Center - Sharjah: according to the working hours of the center:
  • Mobile blood banks: According to the timings of blood donation campaigns
  • Blood banks in hospitals: hospital working hours

Conditions & Requirements

The donor must be in good health and not suffer from any acute disease

The donor must be 18 - 65 years old

The donor must not weigh less than 50 kg

The donor's blood pressure should range from 50 to 100, rising to between 90 and 180

The donor's heart rate must be between 50-100 beats per minute

The donor's temperature must not exceed 37°C

Note: Pregnant women are advised not to donate blood in order to protect the health of the mother and her fetus

Department name:

Laboratory Department

Sector name

Clinical Support Services Sector

Main Service

Blood Transfusion

Service Code


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Service Rating

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Required Documents

  • An original valid ID card

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Request for Blood Donation

Service locations

  • Sharjah: Blood Transfusion & Research Center
  • Mobile blood banks
  • Sub-blood banks in the following hospitals:
    • Dubai: Kuwait Hospital/previously Al Baraha Hospital
    • Sharjah: Al Dhaid Hospital, Khorfakkan Hospital, Kalba Hospital
    • Umm Al Quwain: Umm Al Quwain Hospital - Ras Al Khaimah: Saqr Hospital
    • Fujairah: Fujairah Hospital, Dibba Hospital

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