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  • Service completion duration:

    4 hours

  • Service channels:

    Service Delivery Centers

  • Target audience

    Patients (of all ages)

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This service enables patients of all age groups of the community to access emergency health services in accordance with approved international standards (ESI) 24 hours/7 days per week.

Department name:
Hospitals Department
Sector name:
Clinical Services Sector
Main Service:
Specialized Clinics Services
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Service Classfication:

  • All emergency cases are accepted and served based on the approved traig system, in order of priority

  • 24 hours/7 days per week

  • Registration at Emergency Reception

  • Classification of the case in the evaluation room and prioritization

  • Examination by the emergency doctor

  • Laboratory and radiological examinations (if required)

  • Necessary treatment or referral of the patient to the doctor or department concerned (as per case)

Medical staff examine patients upon arrival at the hospital and quickly evaluate their health according to the international rating scale consisting of five grades (1 to 5). Such grades determine the degree of seriousness of the patient's condition and the priority to receive treatment. Patients are divided into the following categories, according to the classification criteria:

  • First category: Patients with serious diseases or critical conditions that may cause death, such as cardiac arrest, trauma, dangerous accidents and coma. In such cases, the patient is transferred directly to resuscitation room

  • Second category: Patients with diseases that may lead to death, which require rapid medical intervention. In such cases, the patient is transferred to the resuscitation room or intensive care room

  • Third category: The majority of patients fall into this category, which involve a wide range of conditions. Such patients are referred to observation rooms for treatment

  • Fourth and fifth categories: These include patients with diseases that are described as non-serious or that do not require immediate or urgent medical intervention. They are provided with necessary tests and medical advice, and are treated in the non-emergency clinic.

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Service Fees

  • Service fees are based on the classification of the case treated by the medical team:
    • Levels 1 to 3: Free and in the case of presence of a valid health insurance, service fees are applied according to the service pricing guide for non-citizens
    • Levels 4 to 5: Service charges are applied as per the approved fees

Required Documents

  • Valid copy of patient's Emirates ID card

  • Valid Health Card

  • In the absence of the above, a copy of a valid passport is required

Service locations

  • Emirate of Dubai: Kuwait Hospital, Dubai, Al Amal Hospital
  • Emirate of Sharjah: Al Qasimi Hospital, Al Qassimi Hospital for Women and Children, Kuwait Hospital- Sharjah, Khorfakkan Hospital, Al Dhaid Hospital, Kalba Hospital.
  • Emirate of UAQ: Umm Al Quwain Hospital
  • Emirate of Fujairah: Fujairah Hospital, Dibba Hospital, Fujairah, Masafi Hospital
  • Emirate of Fujairah: Fujairah Hospital, Dibba Hospital, Fujairah, Masafi Hospital
  • Emirate of RAK: Saqr Hospital, Shaam Hospital, Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital, Abdullah Bin Omran Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

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