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Examination of Medical Fitness for Residency Visa

About the Service

This service enables an expatriate to obtain a certificate of good health following a fitness examination to prove that such a worker is free from communicable and infectious diseases, thereby allowing him/her to obtain a residence permit within the UAE or to renew his/her current residence.


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Service Process

  • 1

    Register in the digital-services, create user name and password (If not yet registered), and login

  • 2

    Print and complete the smart form at a printing center or via the e-service for individuals or registered companies

  • 3

    Pay the fee at the printing center or through the electronic system

  • 4

    Print the medical examination form

  • 5

    Visit the preventive medicine center or examination center for residency with the required documents to be audited

  • 6

    Visit the radiology department for required X-ray

  • 7

    Visit the laboratory for blood tests

  • 8

    Examination results will be sent to the applicant via email and sms, and submitted to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality

  • 9

    Applicant can print the medical examination results via the electronic link

  • 10

    Original medical examination certificate will be sent via Empost courier services

Service Fees

Category A ""employees, companies and workers"": 260 dirhams (include 250 dirhams for service, 10 dirhams for printing).

Category B Men “working in hair and beauty salons, health clubs, health facilities”: 310 dirhams (includes 250 dirhams for service, 50 dirhams for vaccination, 10 dirhams for printing)

Category C Women ""baby nannies, domestic servants and the like, nursery and kindergarten supervisors, workers in hair and beauty salons, health clubs and health facilities"": 360 dirhams, including (250 dirhams for service, 50 dirhams for vaccination, 50 dirhams for pregnancy test, 10 dirhams for printing) )

Service completion duration

30 minutes for the test

ًWithin 24 hours for issuance of report and results

Target audience

Individuals from residence from ages of 18 and more Representatives of Companies

Service channels

  • Service Delivery Centers
  • EHS Website

Service Provision Timings

Conditions & Requirements

Applicants must be 18 or older.

In case of residence renewal, the Emirates ID is required

Delegate cards are required for companies with more than 10 workers.

The examination includes tests for the following diseases:

  • HIV and AIDS screening

  • Pulmonary tuberculosis

  • Leprosy

  • Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis C

Hepatitis B vaccinations are mandatory for the following categories, with additional vaccination fees:

  • Nannies

  • Housekeepers and those in the same category

  • Supervisors of nurseries and kindergartens

  • Workers in hairdressing and beauty salons and health clubs

  • Workers in health facilities

Department name:

Public Health Services Department

Sector name

Clinical Services Sector

Main Service

Medical Fitness Examinations and Certificates

Service Code


Service Type


Sub Service Type


Service Classfication


User Guides

Please check the user guide (PDF) for using the system in order to apply for the service.

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Required Documents

  • One passport-type photo

  • Copies of first and second pages of the passport

  • Copy of sponsor's passport (in case of private sponsorship)

  • Commercial license (in case of company sponsorship)

  • Medical examination certificate from outside the UAE (if any)

  • Worker's disclosure (if any)

  • Copy of residence or entry permit

  • Current UAE ID card or UAE ID application form (for renewal of residence permit)

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Examination of Medical Fitness for Residency Visa

Video tutorial of applying for this service

Video tutorial of applying for this service

Service locations

  • Public Health Services Centers:

    Emirate of Sharjah: Public Health Center- khorfakkan, Public Health Center- Kalbaa, Public Health Center- Dibba Al Hosn, Public Health Center- Al Dhaid.

    Emirate of UAQ: Public Health Center- UAQ

    Emirate of RAK: Public Health Center- RAK

    Emirate of Fujairah: Public Health Center- Fujairah.

  • Medical examination centres for Residency:

    Emirates of Dubai: Al Nahda Center, Salah El Deen Center, Ibn Battuta Center, Al Khubaisi Center, Dragon Mart 2 Center, Tecom Center and Al Baraha Smart Center.

    Emirate of Sharjah: Sahara Center, Al Khibrah Center, Al Ibdaa Center.

    Emirate of Ajman: Musheirif Center

    Emirate of RAK: Dahan Center

    Emirate of Fujairah: Mena Tower Center.

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