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Issue of a Health Card

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This service enables patients to apply for a health card, which entitles the owner to receive health and treatment services at EHS health facilities.


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Service Process

  • 1

    Smart Service using a valid Emirates ID card:

    • Create the request either through the online service or at typing centers

    • Pay the service fees.

    • Issue the health card

  • 2

    Manual transactions - requiring supporting document attachments:

    • Create the request through the smart service, either through the online service or at typing centers.

    • Pay the service fees.

    • The request is reviewed by the designated health registration officer

    • If approved, a text message and email are sent to the applicant confirming the approval

    • Upon receiving approval, the applicant can avail the service.

    • In case of rejection and return of the application, the applicant can modify the request and resubmit it for approval"

Service Fees

UAE citizens: 20 AED.

GCC citizens: as follows

  • 20 AED (GCC Resident)
  • 50 AED (GCC Visitor) "The Card Validity is 1 year

Other Fees:

  • 15 AED Smart Application Fees
  • Bank service charge
  • Additional charges will apply in case submitting the application through typing center channel

Service completion duration

Smart Service by using a valid ID card:

  1. 3 minutes
Manual transactions requiring supporting documents:
  1. 3 working days from the date of application submission/re-submission.

Target audience

All categories of individual patients who need health services in EHS health facilities.

Service Limitations

Health Card use is limited to EHS health facilities

Service channels

  • EHS Website
  • Typing Centers

Service Provision Timings

  • Website: 24 hours/7 days a week

Conditions & Requirements

General Terms and Conditions:

  • The ID must be valid at the time of health card application.

  • An electronic health card is issued, whether it is new or for renewal, and is linked to the Emirates ID card, bearing in mind that the validity of the health card is not linked to the validity of the Emirates ID card.

  • The user can renew the health card within a month before its expiry.

  • An individual user can submit 10 transactions during the year, either for himself or any family members, by Login to the service via UAE PASS

  • Health Cards for citizens and GCC citizens are valid for five years, while cards of non-citizens are valid for one year.

  • Only one card is issued per person.

  • The validity of the Health Card may not match the remaining validity of the ID card, however the ID card must be valid when applying for the Health Card.

Department name:

Finance & Budgeting Department

Sector name

Finance & Support Services Sector

Main Service

Health Cards

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User Guides

Please check the user guide (PDF) for using the system in order to apply for the service.

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Required Documents

  • The following is an explanation of the documents according to the nature of the customers:

  • (1) UAE Citizens, GCC Citizens, and Non UAE Citizen of other nationalities:

    A valid Emirates ID

  • (2) The husband/wife of UAE citizen:

    • A valid residence permit for the husband/wife (except for the GCC citizens).
    • A valid Emirates ID for the foreign husband/ wife.
    • A valid Emirates ID for the uae citizen husband wife.
    • A valid passport for both the foreign husband/wife and the uae citizen husband/wife.
    • Marriage contract or marriage continuity certificate that does not exceed 6 months if more than one year has passed since the marriage contract.
    • Family book for the UAE national husband/wife.
  • (3) Children of the UAE female citizens:

    • The birth certificate
    • A valid Emirates ID for the son/daughter
    • A valid passport for the son/daughter.
    • A valid Emirates ID for the mother
    • A valid passport for the mother.
    • Proof of non-marriage and non-work for children over 18 years old
    • Family book "Khulasat Al Qaid" (for the mother)
  • (4) Parents (parents) of citizens:

    • A valid residence permit (father/mother) (except for citizens of the GCC)
    • A valid Emirates ID (father/mother)
    • Valid passport (father/mother)
    • Dependency certificate or kinship certificate (father/mother)
    • Valid Emirates ID (son)
    • Valid passport (son)
    • Birth certificate (son).
    • Family book "Khulasat Al Qaid" (for the son)
  • (5) Newborns:

    • Birth certificate.
    • Father's passport.
    • Mother's passport.
    • The father's Emirates ID.
    • The mother's Emirates ID.
    • Father's residence permit.
    • Mother's residence permit.

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Issue of a Health Card

Video tutorial of applying for this service

Video tutorial of applying for this service

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