This service provides immunization from infectious diseases to individuals, thereby protecting society as a whole. Epidemiological surveillance procedures and analyses are applied according to the type of disease and mechanisms are followed to eliminate and control infectious diseases. This requires the direct vaccination of contacts or the organization of national/supplementary immunization campaigns (SIA).

Service Process

Conditions & Requirements

During epidemiological cases, work is carried out according to epidemiological surveillance reports and data. The categories of contacts for cases of infectious disease and those who should be vaccinated to prevent the disease are identified

Target categories should be covered by the implementation of additional/supporting national immunization campaigns against the specific infectious disease

Work is conducted according to the approved standards and specific strategies and implementation plans for each national immunization campaign

Vaccine should not be administered when a patient has previously experienced an allergic reaction to any component

Vaccine should not be administered to a patient with moderate to severe health conditions at the time of vaccination


Service completion duration

60 mins

Service Fees


Service channels

  1. Service Centers (Primary Healthcare Centers)

Target audience

This service benefits all community members identified as part of the epidemiological surveillance activities.

Service Limitations

Some types of preventive vaccinations are limited to vaccination programs and campaigns and are announced in a timely manner.

Service Provision Timings

Department name

Public Health Services Department

Main Service


Service Type


Service Classfication

  • G2C

Sector name

Clinical Services Sector

Service Code


Sub Service Type


Required Documents

  1. Emirates National ID

Service locations

  1. Public Health Centers, residency screening centers, primary health care centers, and hospitals- Emirates health services, available at:

For assistance, get in touch through

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