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Request to Appeal Against the Decision of Medical Liability Committee

About the Service

This service enables the medical complainants and the defendant practitioners to submit their requests to appeal or grievance against the decision of the Medical Liability Committee. These requests will be reconsidered by the Supreme Committee for Medical Liability, whose decision will be final.

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Service Process

  • 1

    Register in the digital-services, create user name and password (If not yet registered), and login "If using digital channels"

  • 2

    The customer submits the Grievance/ appeal letter through the available channels.

  • 3

    The necessary requirements are ensured to be met in the grievance/ appeal letter.

  • 4

    The Grievance letter will reported via the electronic system of the Higher Medical liability committee, along with the related documents.

  • 5

    The customer recieve the link to complete the payment procedures.

  • 6

    The customer will be informed that the case has been investigated and the necessary action taken.

  • 7

    The committee will then study the case and all the attached documents and communicated with the concerned person.

  • 8

    The customer will be informed about the supreme committee decree.

Service Fees

5000 AED

Service completion duration

6 Months

Target audience

The complainants and the defendant practitioners

Service Limitations

The service of appeal request will be accepted within a maximum of 30 days from the date of receiving the response of the Medical Liability Committee.

Service channels

  • EHS Website

Service Provision Timings

  • Website: The services is available 24/7.

Conditions & Requirements

The Grievance/ Appeal letter must be reported within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of the legal notification.

The Grievance/ letter can be filed by the patient, his/her parents, first degree relatives or the person assigned by the patient or his/her family or by the practitioner complained against.

The Grievance/ appeal details must be clear, with name, address and contact details of the complainant must be clearly stated.

The reason of grievance/ appeal must be clearly stated, and Medical reports should be attached.

The decree issued by the supreme liability committee is final.

Department name:

Governance & Risk Management Department

Sector name

Director General Sector

Main Service

Complaints and Medical Liability

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Service Rating

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Required Documents

  • Complainant or the practitioner complained against

  • Available medical reports

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Request to Appeal Against the Decision of Medical Liability Committee

Service locations

  • Medical Liability Section - EHS
  • Investigative authority (prosecution or police)
  • Competent courts

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