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About the Service

This service enables customers to submit their complaints and feedback on various topics related to the services provided by the EHS, staff, service provision methods, the work environment, etc. The complaints/feedback usually result from the failure to obtain a required service, non-compliance with the standards, or employee conducts. EHS assesses each complaint and takes the appropriate action.

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Service Process

  • 1

    The customer submits his/her complaint or feedback through one of the available channels

  • 2

    The concerned department and the adequacy of the information will be determined. The complainant will be contacted for further details if necessary

  • 3

    The validity of the complaint will be ascertained and the customer will be notified of receipt of his/her complaint

  • 4

    The complaint will be evaluated and the complainant will be notified with the proposed solution

  • 5

    Should the solution be to the satisfaction of the customer, the complaint will be considered resolved. Appropriate short and long-term actions will be established to ensure that the same complaint will not be repeated

  • 6

    Should the complainant not be satisfied with the proposed solution, he/she may file an appeal and transfer it to the higher authorities at EHS

Service Fees


Service completion duration

The time required to reply  to a complaint varies according to the category of the complaint as follows:
Urgent complaints: within 1 working day
Normal complaints: within 3 working days
Complex complaints:  within 5 working days

Target audience

The service is available for all categories of customers.

Service Limitations

Complaints/ feedback must be related to the EHS scope of work.

Service channels

  • Service Delivery Centers
  • Call Center
  • Email
  • EHS Website
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media Channels

Service Provision Timings

  • Service Provision Centers: as per their working hours
  • Other channels: available 24 hours a day/7 days a week

Conditions & Requirements

There are no conditions/requirements for the submission of complaints or feedback by customers

Complaints/ feedback must be related to the EHS scope of work. Complaints/feedback out of EHS's scope of work will not be answered and the customer will be directed to the entity concerned

EHS is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information provided by customers

Department name:

Customer Happiness Department

Sector name

Finance & Support Services Sector

Main Service

Customer Care

Service Code


Service Type


Sub Service Type


Service Classfication




Service Rating

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Required Documents

  • The required information includes:

    • Customer name

    • Customer contact number or email address

    • Complaint/feedback details, when using email, website, live chat or social media channels

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Submit Complaints and Feedback

Service locations

  • Call Center: 8008877
  • Service Provision Centers in the UAE available through the following links:
  • Email:
  • EHS Website:
  • Live Chat available through website
  • EHS social media channels

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