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Urgent Primary Care

About the Service

This service is provided to individuals of all age groups by specialized doctors and nurses to treat emergency cases and treat diseases and injuries that require an urgent medical response.

Service Process

  • 1

    Register in the digital-services, create user name and password (If not yet registered), and login

  • 2

    visit the nearest primary health care center or take an appointment through the patient portal

  • 3

    Registeration in the health center

  • 4

    Examination by the nurse, and classify as an emergency case.

  • 5

    Consultation by the doctor.

Service Fees

Fees are determined according to the issued regulations and the implemented procedures based on case Triage:

  • Triage 1,2,3: Free of charge
  • Triage 4,5: Fees applied

Service completion duration

10 - 20 minutes

Target audience

Patients (all ages group)

Service Limitations

This service is provided to the cases that are classified as an emergency by specialists.

Service channels

  • EHS Website
  • Service Centers (Primary Healthcare Centers)

Service Provision Timings

Conditions & Requirements

The case should be classified as an emergency by specialists

Department name:

Primary Healthcare Department

Sector name

Clinical Services Sector

Main Service

Family Medicine

Service Code


Service Type


Sub Service Type


Service Rating

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Required Documents

  • Valid patient's Emirates ID card

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Urgent Primary Care

Service locations

For assistance, get in touch through

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