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Visiting Consultants Program (VCP) was officially launched in 2015 as one of Emirates Health Services’ (EHS) objectives to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare services in an innovative and sustainable manner.

Throughout the Visiting Consultants Program, Emirates Health Services collaborates with selected distinguished international health institutions, universities, and medical centers of the highest international standards to deliver premium medical care to our community. The program enables continuous training and learning opportunities for professional healthcare providers to raise medical expertise and competence.

VCO objectives

  1. Education & Training: To contribute to the development of knowledge, skills, and competencies of healthcare providers.
  2. Quality of care & Sustainability: To contribute to the provision of comprehensive, sustainable, innovative, and evidence – based healthcare services.
  3. Partnership: To build partnerships with elite healthcare organizations and individuals to stay abreast of global advancements.
  4. Research: To advocate the conduction of healthcare research studies that are aligned with global trends and local needs.
  5. Innovation: To enhance the overall health and well-being of patients by developing new treatments, therapies, and technologies and to stay at the forefront.
  6. Medical Tourism: To provide advanced and highly specialized healthcare services, catering to both domestic and international patients, and enhancing the global reputation of our healthcare institution as a global leader in medical tourism.
Visiting Consultants May 2024

Visiting Consultants May 2024

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