Pre-University Fitness Screening

The pre-university fitness screening is a service provided to students that are attending universities in the UAE and scholarships outside, and it enables university students to request fitness medical certificate by undergoing medical examination that includes risk assessment, visual examination, and other lab tests.

Service Process

Conditions & Requirements

Government universities: Students must complete the Registration through MOE website ( NAPO) and select the facility to do the vision and lab tests, Go to the health centers For the service

Private universities: register and complete the requirement documentation and select the facility to do the vision and lab tests, pay the fees befor going to the health center then Go to the health centers For the service.

Any printed forms are not accepted in health centers.

Students younger than 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.


Service completion duration

3 working days

Service Fees

Free for Applicants through NAPO.

250 dirhams for those applying through the Emirates Health Services "EHS".

Service channels

  1. EHS Website
  2. Ministry of Education
  3. Service Centers (Primary Healthcare Centers)

Target audience

Students planning to join a university

Service Limitations

The service is limited to students wishing to join universities

Service Provision Timings

Department name

Primary Healthcare Department

Main Service

Medical Fitness Examinations and Certificates

Service Type


Service Classfication

  • G2C

Sector name

Clinical Services Sector

Service Code


Sub Service Type


User Guides

  • Please check the user guide (PDF) for using the system in order to apply for the service.
  • Download

Required Documents

  1. Not available

Service locations

  1. Emirate of Dubai:

    Muhaisnah Health Center, Al Aweer Health Center

  2. Emirate of Sharjah:

    Dibba Al Hisn Health Center, Family Health Promotion Center, Al Madam Health Center, Khalidiya Health Center, Riffa Health Center, Wadi Al Helou Health Center, Al Maliha Health Center, Lulayyah Health Center, Dibba Al Hosn Health Center, Khorfakkan Health Center, Al Batayeh Health Center, Al Dhaid Health Center, Al Hamreiah Health Center, Al Riqqa Health Center, Al Nahwa Health Center, Shees Health center.

  3. Emirate of Ajman:

    Mushairef Health Center, Manama Health Center, Muzairah Health Center, Al humaidiah Health Center., Al Madinah Health Center

  4. Emirate of Umm Al Quwain:

    Al Khazan Health Center, Falaj Al Mualla Health Center, Al Salma Health Center, Al rafa Health Center.

  5. Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah:

    Al Daqadaqa Health Center, Al Dhait Health Center, Kadra Health CenterAl Rams Health Center. Julfar Health Center Al Mairied Health Center. Almanaie Health Center, Al Jazeera Health Center, Ras Alkhaimah Health Center, Almairid Health Center, Abdullah Al Sharhan Health Center

  6. Emirate of Fujairah:

    Al Qarya Health Center, Al Madina Health Center, Al Khulaibiya Health Center, Qedfaa Health Center, Muraisheed Health Center, Albidiya Health Center, Siji Health Center, Altwayeen Health Center, Alqraiah Health Center

For assistance, get in touch through

Provide Reference data (Government Entities)

provided to government Entities only by providing reference data for service beneficiaries

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